Dhanwantharam Tailam – Herbal Massage Oil


Experience Ayurvedic bliss with Dhanwantharam Tailam, a 200ml herbal massage oil. Infused with potent herbs like Bala and Ashwagandha in a sesame oil base, it offers relief from muscle fatigue and promotes overall rejuvenation. The aromatic blend creates a sensory journey, turning each massage into a moment of relaxation. Conveniently sized for daily use, Dhanwantharam Tailam invites you to embrace the therapeutic traditions of Ayurveda, unlocking a renewed sense of well-being with every application.



Introducing Dhanwantharam Tailam, a 200ml herbal massage oil crafted to unlock the secrets of Ayurvedic well-being. Immerse yourself in the rich tradition of this therapeutic elixir, carefully formulated to bring balance and vitality to your body and mind.

Enriched with a blend of potent herbs and nourishing oils, Dhanwantharam Tailam boasts a foundation of sesame oil, known for its deep penetration and skin-revitalizing properties. The infusion of Ayurvedic treasures such as Bala, Ashwagandha, and Dashamoola creates a harmonious synergy, providing relief from muscle fatigue and promoting a sense of overall rejuvenation.

This aromatic elixir transcends the physical, offering a sensorial experience with every application. The soothing fragrance and silky texture make each massage a journey into relaxation, inviting you to unwind and release the stresses of the day.

In a convenient 200ml bottle, Dhanwantharam Tailam is designed for daily self-care, ensuring a consistent source of Ayurvedic goodness. Whether you seek relief from physical tension or simply desire a moment of tranquility, let the therapeutic touch of Dhanwantharam Tailam be your guide to a renewed sense of well-being. Embrace the centuries-old wisdom encapsulated in this herbal massage oil, and let it become an integral part of your holistic wellness routine.


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