Manjish Elixir Night Face Oil (50ml)


Manjish Elixir Night Face Oil (50ml): Immerse your skin in the calming embrace of our night elixir. Enriched with the soothing essence of Manjishtha, this oil revitalizes and nourishes as you sleep, promoting a refreshed and rejuvenated complexion by morning.



Introducing our Manjish Elixir Night Face Oil in a generous 50ml bottle—an indulgent elixir that transforms your nightly skincare routine into a deeply rejuvenating experience. Immerse your skin in the calming embrace of Manjishtha, a revered Ayurvedic herb known for its soothing and revitalizing properties.

Nighttime Nourishment: Let the soothing properties of Manjishtha work their magic while you sleep. Our Night Face Oil is carefully crafted to nourish and replenish your skin, providing a nightly boost of hydration and revitalization.

🌙 Restorative Rejuvenation: This elixir goes beyond mere hydration; it’s designed to rejuvenate your skin overnight. Wake up to a refreshed and luminous complexion, as Manjish Elixir works to repair and restore your skin’s natural radiance.

🌿 Ayurvedic Wisdom: Harnessing the wisdom of Ayurveda, Manjish Elixir combines ancient knowledge with modern skincare. Manjishtha, a key ingredient, is celebrated in Ayurveda for its calming and purifying properties, promoting balance and harmony for your skin.

💤 Deeply Relaxing: The lightweight and non-greasy formula ensures a comfortable application, allowing you to unwind and relax before bedtime. Let the subtle fragrance and luxurious texture enhance your nighttime ritual.

🌌 Optimal Overnight Hydration: As you sleep, the Manjish Elixir Night Face Oil works tirelessly to lock in moisture, creating a protective barrier against dryness. Wake up to skin that feels deeply hydrated, supple, and ready to face a new day.

🍃 Natural Goodness: Embrace the purity of natural ingredients. Our Night Face Oil is free from harsh chemicals, ensuring a gentle and effective addition to your skincare routine.

Transform your evenings with the soothing touch of Manjish Elixir Night Face Oil. Awaken to a renewed radiance, and let the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda guide you on your journey to beautiful, nourished skin.

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