Pinda Tailam – Herbal Massage Oil


Indulge in the rejuvenating power of Pinda Tailam, a 450ml herbal massage oil that blends traditional Ayurvedic herbs with nourishing sesame oil. Crafted to relax muscles, promote skin elasticity, and enhance overall well-being, this aromatic oil transforms your daily routine into a revitalizing ritual. Immerse yourself in the soothing experience and embrace a renewed sense of vitality.



Introducing Pinda Tailam, a rejuvenating herbal massage oil designed to elevate your holistic wellness experience. Crafted with precision and care, this 450ml bottle encapsulates the essence of traditional Ayurvedic wisdom, delivering a sensorial journey that revitalizes both body and mind.

Pinda Tailam is a fusion of time-honored herbs and oils, meticulously selected for their therapeutic properties. Immerse yourself in the soothing embrace of sesame oil, renowned for its deep nourishing capabilities that promote skin elasticity and vitality. Blended seamlessly with warming herbs like Ashwagandha and Shatavari, this massage oil not only relaxes tired muscles but also supports overall well-being.

Experience the harmonious synergy of Ayurvedic ingredients such as Bala and Bhringraj, carefully infused to enhance blood circulation and promote a sense of balance. The aromatic notes of Pinda Tailam transport you to a serene sanctuary, transforming your massage routine into a rejuvenating ritual.

Ideal for daily use, this 450ml bottle ensures a generous supply for sustained self-care. Unwind after a long day or kickstart your morning with a revitalizing massage, allowing Pinda Tailam to penetrate deep into your skin, leaving you with a renewed sense of vitality.

Prioritize self-care with Pinda Tailam, the herbal massage oil that embodies centuries of Ayurvedic tradition, providing a holistic escape to tranquility and well-being. Elevate your daily routine and embrace the power of nature’s healing touch.


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