Rudraksha Seed Necklace


5 faceted, 8mm Rudraksha Seed Yoga Prayer Bead Necklace Mala Ideal for Yoga Meditation

Wearing rudraksha seeds is said to bring eternal blessings and is the Mala deemed closest to Lord Shiva himself. The five Mukhi (sections) rudraksha is a meditative tool for awakening consciousness. For thousands of years, Hindus have been using rudraksha seeds in malas for meditation and prayer, creating a sacred connection between mind, body, and soul. This connection is beneficial to everyone regardless of religion or background.

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Rudraksha Seed Necklace Yoga Prayer Bead Meditation Mala Necklace:

A RUDRAKSHA SEED NECKLACE is an excellent way to bring positive energy into your life. Wearing a rudraksha necklace is a perfect way to make this intention. You can even wear it to practice meditation. Its benefits go beyond appearances. The beads are a powerful healing tool to help you overcome many health problems. They are not only a beautiful fashion accessory, but they are also a helpful meditation tool.

It is perfect for meditation and help in controlling many health problems like Blood pressure, Breast ailments, Memory enhancer, acidity, fistula and Cardiac issues.

It is mighty and auspicious beads to be worn, and it is also used in water therapy.

Bead Size: 8mm Circumference hole to hole

Number of Beads: 108

Neck Hanging Length: ~62 cm

Tassel Type: Red String

Tassel Length: 4-9cm

Origin- Kingdom of Nepal

Uses of this Rudraksha Prayer Bead Necklace

Rudraksha Beads are used by Yoga practitioners, Hindus and Buddhists for Japa Meditation and Healing. The Rudraksha seed Mala has a reputation for having strong mental and physical health effects, which has apparent Indian research behind it.


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